How Do Strategic IT Vendor Relationships Help Businesses?

Managed IT Services providers excel at helping clients maximize the use and stability of technology assets. Their strengths lie in maintaining established IT infrastructures, keeping them secure, operational, and optimized to support peak level performance

This is why strong relationships with strategic technology partners are so important.

SureTec partners with well-known world leaders in technology development and sales. This diversity in sourcing innovative IT products and solutions allows us to have an independent approach and gives us the flexibility to tailor an IT environment to meet the specific needs of each business.


What Does It Take To Become One Of SureTec’s Strategic Partners?

Technology vendors are continually on the “look out” for IT support firms with whom they can partner to get their technology offerings into the hands of their clients. It is for this reason that we take the screening of each company’s products and intentions very seriously before they gain approval to become one of our select strategic partners.

In seeking the right vendor relationships to enable us to bring the best IT solutions to our clients, we look for:

  • Proven Reliability– We want to deliver dependable technology to our clients.
  • Public Track Record– We value transparency and purposely work with companies that are honest about both their successes and their failures.
  • Predictable Outcomes – We choose to cooperate with suppliers who provide outcomes that are reliable, which equates to no unpleasant surprises for our clients.
  • Potential – We are always evaluating new technology.

Our end goal always remains to provide our valued Portland, Dayton, and Washington State customers with IT that is:

  • Secure

    Free of annoying adware, malware, and more dangerous cyber-crime tactics

  • Seamless

    Optimized to be a tailored fit your company’s work processes

  • Supported

    Guaranteed answers for your IT questions and resolutions to any issues that may arise

Who Are SureTec’s Strategic Partners?

At present, we are pleased to count the following companies amongst our group of strategic partners:

What Are SureTec’s Areas of Technical Expertise?

Every company has its strengths and its weaknesses. However, an IT support firm must have a reputation for stellar technical expertise to gain the trust of their client base.

SureTec has invested much time and effort into becoming a leader in supporting cutting-edge technology solutions for businesses in the Portland, Dayton, and Washington State areas.

Among our areas of technical expertise are:

  • “Out of the box” thinking

    SureTec excels at up with unique solutions to challenging IT problems. This approach differs from the more traditional one, which expresses reliance on a single product for which the IT support firm receives compensation for sales. This approach provides us with flexibility in technology solutions since we are not limited to the use of only one product line or service. We view our role as IT consultants first and technicians second.

  • 3rd party vendor relationships

    The professional technicians at SureTec are very good at working with 3rd party vendors. We take the time to master how our customers’ ERP systems work and build strong relationships with the company, which provides them with their support to assist them best when things go wrong.

  • Virtualization

    We believe that virtualization is the backbone all businesses need to operate effectively. All of our technicians are highly skilled in the use of Hyper-V, Virtualbox, and VMWare and work with virtualization daily.

  • Data backup and recovery services

    SureTec takes great care to provide our customers with a well-thought-out and implemented strategy for business continuity and disaster recovery services. A vital part of this protocol includes the regular monitoring and verifying of data to ensure accessibility and security.

    All of our backups are stored locally and in our private cloud, which has the capability to live boot any customer machine on our infrastructure within in minutes to limit downtime.

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