Who Are The People Behind SureTec?

Meet Nick.

Our story starts when Nick was just a typical 14-year-old high school student. His school was in need of new computers for their library so the head of the PTA asked Nick to build them some.

A year later, when Nick started his first company–a residential IT business–the head of the PTA became his first client.

He expanded his business into a retail repair shop with multiple locations across Portland. At one point he became known as the area’s “Ink Cartridge King” due to the sheer volume of printer ink he could sell.

One thing led to another and in 2007, Nick began SureTec. His vision was to create a streamlined approach to the traditional, bureaucratic IT model. “No more escalations. No more waiting. Just people solving problems,” he decried. Thus, our motto was born:

To deliver creative solutions to out-of-the-box problems.

So that’s what we did. Not only is every call answered in 5 minutes or less, but every call is answered by a Tier 3 U.S.-based technician. Real people, solving real problems, in real time. Just like Nick envisioned.

And, hey, we’re still here!


Meet the Leaders:

Nick H.
CEO & Founder

Top 3 things to know about Nick:

1) If he could become an expert in anything, it would be flying. He loves flying and would love to travel anywhere on his own terms.

2) He learned from his parents that “You can have, be, or do anything with hard work.” That is a value he tries to instill in his son.

3) His go to karaoke song is “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. He even performed a duet of this song with his wife at their wedding.

Nick’s life motto: “Everything works out in the wash”

Jarom W.
Director of Operations

Top 3 things to know about Jarom:

1) If he could be anywhere, he would be at 7-Eleven shopping for all things bad-for-you. 

2) He’s pretty good at trivia, picking a lock, and picking out the best watermelons.

3) He admires Archimedes for being one of the world’s greatest problem solvers and for being so ahead of his time.

Jarom’s Life Motto: “Nothing is Impossible”

Joe W.
Business Development Manager

Top 3 things to know about Joe:

1) He loves reading, listening to music, or getting outdoors and going hiking.

2) The two items at the top of his bucket list are to revisit his birthplace and visit with his family in Germany.

3) The biggest highlights of his life are his 4 kids, his military service, and his limited baseball career.

Joe’s Life motto: “It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”

Kyle R.
Ohio Operations Manager

Top 3 things to know about Kyle:

1) Getting married, having kids, and moving across the country for work are among the greatest moments in his life.

2) If Kyle wasn’t working, he would be traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures.

3) If he could snap his fingers and instantly become an expert in anything, it would be blacksmithing.

Kyle’s Life Motto: “Just cause it ain’t broke doesn’t mean it doesn’t need fixing”

What we value:

Take Initiative

Be proactive. We anticipate problems before they happen. We take responsibility and get the job done without being asked.

Act with Transparency

We believe in open and honest communication. And when it comes to technology, we never recommend a product or service that we ourselves would not use.

Get Creative

Tricky problems require clever solutions. We think outside-the-box and then beyond it. We push the boundaries of our own creativity and encourage others to do the same. After all, IT is anything but cookie-cutter.

Be Authentic

We own our actions and we own who we are. It’s as simple as that.

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