Who Are The People Behind SureTec?

SureTec was founded in 2007. The company’s founder was employed as a full-time systems administrator when the idea struck to form a business all his own, and he did. In 2016, an opportunity arose to acquire another company (Linked Technologies), and the business was rebranded into the entity we know of today as SureTec.

SureTec takes great pride in delivering top-shelf Managed IT Services to businesses in the Portland, Oregon and Dayton, Ohio. We also offer our remote technology solutions to companies across the nation to help them achieve their ideal IT working environment.

Our company is known for its attention to detail and impeccable customer service. We stay on top of all things IT to give our customers the flexibility to devote their entire focus to the needs of their business.

Each of our client questions or troubleshooting requests is answered by a Tier 3 technician, ensuring each time one of our clients calls, they are speaking with a professional who has the skills to solve their IT problems for them; no matter how challenging the issue might be.


Are You SureTec’s Kind Of Customer?

As a leading provider of Managed IT Services serving multiple locations throughout the United States, we love to work with people who understand the benefits a professional IT specialist can bring to their business. We are pleased to offer all of our customers comprehensive IT care which includes our proactive, continuous support as well as executive-level IT consulting.

Our ideal client employs a staff of 25 employees or more and houses their own network within their location. We love to work with people who view their technology assets as key to their continued success.

We provide support for a number of industries and possess the necessary experience to help our valued clients achieve and maintain secure and optimized IT networks and systems.

Among the industries we currently provide support for are:

  • Construction companies

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Professional services firms

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Small to mid-size businesses

What Makes SureTec Unique?

SureTec is a boutique firm specializing in bringing top-tier Managed IT Services to a variety of industries. Our approach to Managed IT Services focuses on taking the time to meet with our valued customers face to face to help us to understand their pain points, concerns, and business goals. This information is critical to helping us craft the ideal IT working environment which supports the achievement of our client’s operational objectives.

The professional technicians at SureTec make IT easy for our clients by freeing them up from technology burdens which rob them of valuable time which could be better spent invested in their business. Our talented and personable staff ensure our clients feel like they are working with a team of trusted advisors who are more like family. We place a high priority on visiting each of our clients on a weekly basis to ensure their IT networks and systems are functioning optimally and to provide assistance and executive-level IT consulting as needed.

We take great pride in helping each business achieve an optimized IT environment that is primed for success. Technology is our passion, and we enthusiastically offer innovative IT solutions that solve challenging business problems.

What Services Does SureTec Offer Their Clients?

SureTec focuses on providing their valued customers with a holistic suite of Managed IT Services that hinge on the axis of continuous maintenance, monitoring, and management. This multi-pronged approach is backed by proactive security measures to thwart potential cyber attacks which could leave a business in peril.

Among the services we offer our valued clients are:

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