Breaking Up with Your Portland IT Company

A well-maintained information technology infrastructure helps you operate more efficiently – giving you a competitive edge as you’re able to create or modify business processes for a more satisfying customer experience. That’s why so many businesses nowadays are opting to work with an IT company that takes a proactive approach – monitoring, maintaining, and supporting their environment to keep everything functioning at peak performance. The right IT company acts as an integral partner – meeting with you on a regular basis, discussing your organizational objectives, and overall, helping you align technology with your goals to ensure a successful outcome.

But What Happens When Your Portland IT Company DOESN’T Act As An Integral Partner?

After you’ve signed the agreement, you’re ready and waiting for a better, brighter future – one where your manual, paper-based tasks are automated, your staff receives timely support when they need it, and all of those carefully negotiated deadlines are met. After all, your IT company likely made quite a few promises and you expected them to deliver… But they don’t. It happens to the best of us. We get caught up in our expectations, the promises made, and suddenly, the third-party you’ve selected isn’t following through. First, take a deep breath and know that you’re not alone.

Many businesses like yours have suffered the same fate. They sign an agreement, things go smoothly at first, but then:

  • Calls go unanswered or forwarded to a third-party overseas
  • Application start acting glitchy or slow
  • Deadlines are ignored or delayed
  • Backups don’t get tested or verified

The industry is filled with unfortunate stories of relationships gone south, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s a learning experience. Once you’ve moved on from this relationship, it’s important to be more careful selecting your next IT company.

Pay Attention to the Signs of a Great Portland IT Company…

When you’re looking for another IT company, be prepared for some overlap. You don’t want to schedule any transitions in a manner that leaves any aspect of your information technology unsupported as you’re changing providers. This means your new IT company should ideally have some experience taking over from an existing IT company. Here are the signs of a great IT company to look for:

  1. A solid track record for helping businesses operate more efficiently through the effective use of information technology. Ask about testimonials, case studies or existing clients you can speak to.
  2. A great team of professionals who are experts in a range of technologies. Make sure they’re kept up-to-date on the latest technologies and ask about their skill-sets, training, and certifications.
  3. A focus on innovation because nothing evolves faster than technology, and it’s important to ensure they’re onboard with the concept of digital transformation wherein technology is used to alter processes, procedures, and customer experiences.
  4. A straightforward service level agreement that carefully and thoroughly outlines quality and performance metrics, as well as what’s included and what’s not included to avoid hidden fees or surprise costs.

Let’s Make Your Breakup with That Portland IT Company Go As Smoothly as Possible. Call SureTec at (503) 389-8015.

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