Worried About the Cost of Managed Technology Services?

Maintaining a secure infrastructure for your business doesn’t have to be overly expensive or place a drain on internal IT teams. See how the right technology partner can help.  

What Are The True Costs Of Managed IT Services?
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Managed Services Pricing

Businesses of all sizes are struggling to gain access to the help desk and IT support that they need for a variety of reasons. For some companies, it’s tough to afford the specialized support that you know you need. For others, it’s an inability to find qualified resources that’s the issue. There are still other businesses were not even aware that there is a gap in business needs until it was brought to their attention by internal teams. Whatever reason you have for exploring the world of IT managed services, it’s not difficult to determine whether this solution would be right for your business.

Reviewing the Internal Versus External Costs of Support

The support structure for your business is a delicate and complex balance, ensuring that your staff has a secure and fast network while also protecting your organization from the various threats that are hitting today’s businesses harder than ever. When you consider the cost of outsourcing technical support, there are a range of factors to consider:

  • The opportunity cost of having internal IT staff focused on day-to-day support requests
  • Potential risk to your business if necessary software and hardware updates are not completed in a timely manner
  • The lack of specialized IT knowledge available within the organization
  • Productivity losses when business users do not have access to a fully-optimized network and active support
  • Inability to bring the business back online after a cyberattack or natural disaster

While not direct costs that are associated with outsourcing your business technology, they are all considerations to keep in mind beyond the simple transactional costs of your support.

What Type of IT Services and Support Do You Need?

Managed IT services can be either full, partial or co-managed — where both organizations work together to form a cohesive unit to support your business. Determining the support level that works best for your business is the first step that needs to be completed before you can consider the pricing of a potential solution or finding partners that will work for your business. Everything from collaborating with leadership to define IT strategies to simple outsourced help desk support that includes software licensing are available from trusted IT services partners. No two organizations are exactly the same, which makes it important that you work with a technology partner that is committed to understanding your needs and providing a specialized solution that works for your business.

How Much Do IT Managed Services Cost?

When you’re evaluating IT managed services vendors, the pricing can be one of the most confusing questions. It’s not unusual for business technology solutions to present pricing that is extremely detailed — and can be difficult to compare with competitors. Look specifically for the levels of pricing and see if you can compare apples to apples between organizations. When possible, it’s best to work with an IT solutions provider that offers free 30-day money-back guarantees, something that is unusual in the technology world. While you’re looking at service levels, be sure to look for the following:

  • Service level agreements that detail how quickly your staff will receive a response based on the severity of the issue
  • Hours that live support will be available
  • How after-hours support is proactively handled
  • What is specifically excluded from your contract

Some of the items that you might find excluded include vendor negotiations, hardware upgrades and on-demand requests for support. However, you can always request a firm estimate of an hourly rate or per-project pricing to address these special instances.

Finding the right partner for your business starts with clear and open lines of communication and a shared understanding of the terms of your contract and the pricing schedule. Adding an IT services partner to your business is a big commitment, and you need to trust that your selected vendor will be open to ongoing and proactive support for your business.

Nick Hess is an authority for IT services in Portland, OR. Nick's team at SureTec IT has helped numerous companies with their day-to-day IT service needs. Nick also has years of experience with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, and business VoIP Services.

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