The Case for a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy in the Construction Industry

Cybersecurity is a new concern for many construction companies as the industry, as a whole, hasn’t always been very data-driven. But nowadays, construction companies have access to an incredible wealth of information that’s lucrative for hackers, such as:

  • Intellectual property
  • Proprietary assets
  • Architecture drawings
  • Corporate banking accounts
  • Employee information
  • And much more

Hackers often target contractors and subcontractors to gain access to this information. As construction companies become more connected via the Internet than ever before, they’re increasingly at risk.

Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy in the Construction Industry

Be Aware of the Risks Before Creating Your Robust Cybersecurity Strategy

Construction companies are more connected than ever before. Typically, construction companies use various remote access systems, such as building information modeling, project management, telematics, and other types of software. These create opportunities for hackers to infect the network and steal the incredible wealth of information stored – posting it on the dark web for purchase later on.

So what are the risks to consider before creating your robust cybersecurity strategy to keep confidential information safe against unauthorized access? Here are a few major risks to keep in mind:

  • Phishing emails
  • Lost employee laptops and mobile devices
  • Insider theft from disgruntled employees
  • Unauthorized access to the network
  • And much more

Start With the Basics When You’re Ready to Implement Your Robust Cybersecurity Strategy

When you’re preparing to implement a robust cybersecurity strategy, it’s helpful to start with a network assessment to evaluate:

  • Any unsupported or soon-to-be unsupported hardware that could result in vulnerabilities being exploited.
  • Any vulnerabilities created as a result of hardware and/or software configuration issues.
  • Any complications and/or breaches of confidential information that have already taken place.

Once you’ve undergone a network assessment, you should start with a few basics, such as:

  • Updating any unsupported or soon-to-be unsupported equipment
  • Enforcing strict password policies that require two-factor authentication
  • Restricting access and/or administrative privileges where necessary
  • Ensuring a proper data backup and disaster recovery plan is in place

Incorporate Ongoing Employee Training Into Your Robust Cybersecurity Strategy

Turner Construction, a large construction company, was the victim of a spear-phishing scam not long ago. An employee was convinced to send tax information to a hacker via email – leaving a ton of confidential information disclosed, including social security numbers, tax withholding information, full names, and more. Your team members need ongoing employee training wherein they’re shown how to detect and respond to threats of all types.

SureTec can provide ongoing employee training, as well as a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity wherein we ensure you have:

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus software
  • Intrusion detection software
  • Web-content filtering
  • Spam protection
  • Data backup
  • Business continuity
  • And more

Not to mention, your first 30 days of service are free!

Construction companies are far from exempt from the risk of cybercrime. Let’s get you started with a robust cybersecurity strategy now.

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