Want to Make Full Use of the Google Apps Platform?

Google is leading the way in office productivity applications. Each year, Google comes out with new, advanced features for each of the elements of the system.

Today, more than five million companies worldwide are making use of G-Suite. This is due to the fact that G-Suite is a mobile-first technology – giving you access to contacts, files, calendars, emails, spreadsheets, documents, and more from any internet-connected device.


Three of the biggest advantages of G-Suite are:

SureTec IT professionals provide complete cloud services for businesses in Oregon, Washington, and Ohio, across all industries.

SureTec provides high-end cloud consulting and cloud solutions for businesses. Whether you need a private, public, hybrid, or community cloud environment, our professionals work with you to select the right cloud package that fits your business. From cloud adoption feasibility to the right cloud solution migration strategy and implementation, our team has the necessary industry know-how and experience needed to keep your cloud assets on track.

  • It can be managed from a central console.
  • It is always updated.
  • It is secure.
  • It is dependable – 99.9999% uptime.
  • It is auditable – for compliance with HIPAA and FERPA.

Google Apps is competitively priced.

For around $50/user/year, your company can have a secure, constantly updated, compliant office productivity and collaboration platform.

How Can SureTec Help You With Google Apps?

While many IT support companies are pointing their customers toward Microsoft Office 365 because of their addiction to everything Microsoft, SureTec takes a higher road. We carefully examine the office productivity needs of a client and make sure that they have the platform that best fits their workflow requirements. Often, the answer is Google Apps.

  • We migrate your emails, data, and files.
  • We set up your email.
  • We help you manage your Google App subscription – adding and deleting users and user permissions.
  • We provide training, so your team can utilize functionality only found in Google Apps.

What are the Steps for Smooth Migration Process from Microsoft to Google Apps?

Businesses migrating from Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps need to transfer business-critical email, calendar, and contacts data to G Suite. You also have to move Office 365 documents such as text files, spreadsheets, presentations as well as video and audio files.

Both Microsoft and Google are providing automated tools to migrate from the one platform to the other, but you still need to configure your destination office suit, assign proper user rights and make sure the entire configuration is working smoothly. An automated migration tool might work for migrating a single account, but transferring all the data even of a small business usually requires professional IT expertise.

How to Prepare for Migration from Office 365 to Google Apps

Once your small or medium-sized business has decided to move to G Suite, you need to communicate the change with your entire team. You and your employees may experience some service disruptions, and all team members should familiarize with Google Apps beforehand.

While IT specialists like SureTec are able to migrate your business data from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps seamlessly, some minor issues could persist after the migration, as people would feel uncomfortable with the new platform at the very start. Therefore, make sure all issues are reported immediately for remediation.

What Data I Need to Migrate to Google Apps?

You should assess your digital assets and decide what exactly you need to transfer to your new Google Apps account. Usually, business users would move most of their Word and Excel files stored in Office 365 as well as their PowerPoint presentations. The average business user would need also to move PDF files, audio and video files, as well as various other files created using multiple business apps.

The catch is that Google’s Data Migration Service moves email, calendar items and files from Microsoft Exchange but does not migrate files stored in your One Drive account. You should move these files manually to an employee’s personal Google Drive or to a shared Google Team Drive.

The process is complicated, as you need to assign proper access rights for each of these Google Drives and also not leave behind a single file from your Microsoft One Drive.

Can I Use Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Features in Google Apps?

A successful migration from Office 365 to G Suite does not end with file, email, and calendar migration. Your employees need to familiarize with Google Apps to be as productive as they have been using the legacy system. Fortunately, Google Apps enables you to use some functionality from Microsoft Exchange.

G Suite Sync for Microsoft enables you to access G Suite email, calendar and contacts from a Microsoft Outlook client and you can create shared contacts and calendars using Outlook. Google Apps does not support Public Folders as in Microsoft Exchange, but you can create groups in Google Apps that share a mailbox, or you can share folders.

In any case, you need to configure your new Google Apps accounts in accordance with a thorough user and access rights policy and create the proper personal, shared and global folders and drives to benefit from a successful migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps.

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