Why G Suite May Be Your Best Bet for Business Technology

Microsoft Office isn’t the only productivity software that works for business. Google’s G Suite is used — and loved — by more than 3 million businesses.  

Ever since WordPerfect dominated the word processing market in the 1980s, business users and writers have been enamored with the ability to quickly and efficiently manage letters and written content with these efficient tools. Today’s word processing and office productivity software are dramatically different than those original suites, but they still have some of the same base features and functionality such as automatic line numbering, footnotes and endnotes that were used extensively in legal applications. Fast-forward several decades and the new productivity software options have significantly extended options for content management as well as wider options for access. However, Microsoft Office and Office 365 are not the only options that are feasible for businesses — Google’s G Suite has quietly been cornering the business market and now has an install base that exceeds 3 million businesses.

Simple and Effective Productivity Software

The key solutions included in Google’s G Suite are Mail, Docs, Sheets and Slides — covering the vast majority of daily activities needed by business users. These cloud-based tools provide users with quick and easy access to the most-used functions of traditional productivity suites such as Microsoft Office, often at a reduced per-user cost for businesses. What’s better is that there is an ever-expanding list of apps available that can extend the functionality of your core G Suite applications for communications, marketing, project management or productivity and sales.

Advanced Collaboration and Communication Tools

One of Google G Suite’s key selling points is the lack of tie to a physical machine. Anywhere that you can log into your Google account, you’re able to access the full software suites — and collaborate in real-time in a way that truly feels seamless. In today’s always-on business world, it’s vital that individuals are able to quickly make tweaks to documents or spreadsheets from their mobile devices, remote computers or even have a co-worker log in and make the change for them. Video and voice conferencing, secure team messaging, business email and shared calendars all help users to stay on the same page and highly productive.

Enterprise-Level Document Storage Solutions

Tired of struggling with users storing their sensitive business documents on their desktop or elsewhere on their computer’s hard drive? With Google’s G Suite, businesses with more than 5 users automatically get access to an exceptional amount of cloud-based document storage with Google Drive. The standard Business edition currently includes an unlimited amount of storage and the ability to archive files as well. This is extremely attractive for small businesses that might currently be paying extra for Dropbox or other document and file storage solutions. Since this storage is already tied into your business email address and login information, there’s an added layer of security that businesses will certainly appreciate.

Finding the right office productivity software for your business starts with a thorough understanding of your operations and the solutions you are currently using. At SureTec, our technicians work closely with your team to first define needs and then make recommendations about the right solutions that will help your business grow. We provide top-rated IT services and support in the Portland and Dayton area and are so confident that we provide each of our clients with a 30-day test drive that includes a full money-back guarantee. Our service technicians are available to support you when you need them, and you can use our IT pricing calculator to determine the exact price of your flat-fee IT support. Contact our experts today at (503) 389-8015 or book a meeting online anytime.

Nick Hess

Nick Hess is an authority for IT services in Portland, OR. Nick's team at SureTec IT has helped numerous companies with their day-to-day IT service needs. Nick also has years of experience with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, and business VoIP Services.

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