Hillsboro, OR Lumber Yard Selects SureTec To Modernize Their IT

Does your technology need to be updated or replaced? While you may be getting by with old or borrowed equipment, it won’t last forever. That’s why this Hillsboro, OR lumber yard got in touch with SureTec IT.

This Hillsboro, OR lumber yard needed to update their technology and had no idea where to begin.

Can you relate?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably started to think your IT could do with an update. The fact is that many of us will continue to use obviously outdated technology long after it should have been replaced.

Whether it’s that old smartphone that won’t run newer operating systems or the computers you use at work, sticking with out of date technology will save you a bit of money because you don’t have to replace it. But at a certain point, you will need to look into upgrading.

That’s exactly why a Hillsboro, OR lumber yard recently got in touch with SureTec IT.

SureTec IT Guided This Hillsboro, OR Lumber Yard To The Right Technology For Their Needs

IT isn’t one-size-fits-all.

In order to make sure this lumber yard got the technology upgrade they needed, without overspending, we followed our carefully developed process to source the right IT for them:

Understand Their IT Challenges And Business Needs

There’s no point in designing a new solution and charging this client money without making sure the result actually addresses their original issue.

That’s why the first step was to find out what was wrong with their current IT, and how it was failing to meet their needs:

  • They were struggling with hardware management and server upgrades
  • They had encountered ongoing security and remote access issues
  • They had software management issues with industry-specific solutions
  • They were struggling with network and domain management

Design The Right Solution

With a detailed understanding of the lumber yard’s challenges and needs, we moved ahead with designing and deploying a more capable IT environment.

This meant sourcing the right hardware and software and laying out a network that delivered the experience they needed. We deployed Unifi Access points and Gateway network equipment, addressing all of their current pain points, and developing an IT environment on which they could rely.

Test The New Systems

Lastly, we made sure the new IT environment worked by testing it.

Why Is It Important To Upgrade Your IT?

If your old tech is running so poorly that it stops you and your staff from working, then it’s time to replace it. The downtime caused by old hardware isn’t worth the money you’re saving by hanging on to it. Remember, the main cost of downtime is not the fix itself, it’s the halt in your organization’s productivity.

The economy of downtime is unforgiving — it grinds your business to a halt, racks up expenses, and keeps you from getting anything done.

Additional costs include:

  • Expense Vs. Revenue: During downtime, you incur all the expenses of running a business without the revenue you would usually generate.
  • Loss of Focus: Even if downtime does not grind everything to a halt, some of your staff will have to divert themselves from their normal work to mitigate the problem, again reducing productivity.
  • Affected Service Delivery: Furthermore, while your systems are down, you can’t deliver services or sell products to current and potential new clients.
  • Cost Of Repair: However you approach fixing the problem, it’ll cost time and money.

SureTec Will Help You Update Your IT — Just Like We Did For This Hillsboro, OR Lumber Yard

With their newly upgraded IT systems, this Hillsboro, OR lumber yard now has a productive workplace environment. They have a robust IT system that meets their specific needs, and they got it without having to spend their own time doing research or managing the installation.

We will do the same for you — don’t struggle with old or borrowed technology any longer.

Talk to the SureTec team to start upgrading your systems today:

  1. Book a free consultation with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Tell us what you need from your new IT systems
  3. Let us explain how our process works.
  4. Let us handle the entire project from end to end, so you can focus on your work.

Nick Hess is an authority for IT services in Portland, OR. Nick's team at SureTec IT has helped numerous companies with their day-to-day IT service needs. Nick also has years of experience with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, and business VoIP Services.

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