How To Make Sure Your Portland IT Company Has The Expertise You Need

It can be difficult to ask for help. Whether it’s looking for directions when Google Maps is failing you or opting for the instruction manual for the new furniture you thought you’d put together independently, it’s not easy to admit that you need assistance.

It’s this type of stubbornness that causes so many business leaders to try to manage every part of their business on their own. While it may seem pragmatic or cost-effective at the time, this isn’t the right way to run a business.

Starting up and growing a business is no easy task, but beyond that is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily get easier once the business is established. With each year in business, a company and its management will encounter new obstacles unique to its size, changes in the industry, and other factors.

While it may have been possible for you to oversee every part of your business when it began, after some time and growth, it’s not quite so simple.

You can’t expect yourself to do it all on your own, right? That’s why you need to make an effort to find the right people for each task, and trust them to get it done, instead of trying to do it by yourself.

There is power in delegation – don’t try to undertake tasks that are better suited to someone else on your team, especially when it comes to your IT. That’s why you need real expertise in charge of your business technology.

Why Does Your IT Company Need Expertise?

Given the wealth of knowledge available online, and how user-friendly technology is getting these days, you may be skeptical that expertise and experience are even that necessary for an IT company.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong about that.

Sure, with enough research and time available to you, you might be able to find a solution to your IT problem every now and then. But, even if that’s the case, time is a resource you don’t always have– that’s why you pay someone else to handle it. And if you’re paying someone else, shouldn’t they be an expert at what they do?

Experience and skill can’t be bought or faked. The only way to get it is to put in the work and take the time.

Effective IT Support Is About People – Not Technology

While technology is the tool of our trade, we’ve been around long enough to learn that at its core (and as is the case in any industry), the quality of our offering comes down to our customer service.

Want to know a secret? Delivering IT solutions isn’t rocket science. Sure, it takes knowledge and a skillset, perhaps gained via a certification, technical college course, or computer programming degree – but all of this is to say it’s only one part of the process.

Beyond making sure servers are configured right, and Wi-Fi signals are strong, an IT company should know how important it is to pay attention to the people using that technology. That’s the foundation of effective IT support.

Effective IT Support Requires Business Experience

As vital as knowledge of IT is to the services your IT company delivers, business acumen is just as important. Understanding, from firsthand experience, what your needs are, and the challenges it puts up with every day, will allow your IT company to better match the right solutions to your obstacles.

Effective IT Support Comes With Experience

Above, we talked about how an IT company needs to capitalize on trends for their clients’ benefits. Frankly, that’s an oversimplification.

The truth is that the IT industry is full of new developments, each of which could be a real, beneficial trend to invest in – but it’s more likely to be a gimmick that won’t achieve much in the end.

Telling the difference can be difficult, but it gets easier with time. The right IT company will have seen countless IT fads come and go. Not everything is the “next cloud” – those with the right experience and expertise will know the difference.

The Right IT Support Company Will Deliver The Right Technologies

You need to discuss the technologies you use every day, and make sure your IT company knows how to support them. The key is in finding the IT company that can offer industry-specific expertise and unique service that can’t be found anywhere else.

In addition to understanding the technology you use, they should also understand and actively apply the potential of new technologies – such as the cloud – to help you improve the way you work.

You don’t want to miss out on the latest and greatest in IT innovations.

The right IT company will be able to give you the advantages that come with the most recent applications of the solutions you already rely on. Specific applications and services, when properly implemented and supported, will allow you to do what you need to more productively and efficiently.

That right IT company is SureTec.

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Nick Hess

Nick Hess is an authority for IT services in Portland, OR. Nick's team at SureTec IT has helped numerous companies with their day-to-day IT service needs. Nick also has years of experience with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, and business VoIP Services.

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