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Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other industry leaders work tirelessly to turn their vision into a profit-driving business. Success requires a laser focus on leveraging their expertise to carve out increased market share. But one of the primary challenges businesses face is spending too much time and energy on peripheral aspects of managing a company.

Forward-looking managed IT can only deliver benefits if an organization’s leadership team has the bandwidth to drive goal achievement. That’s why it’s critical for decision-makers to outsource certain necessary aspects of running a lucrative operation. Leading IT consulting companies provide diligent services and long-term planning strategies that allow you to maximize your expertise. At SureTec IT, our consulting services offer game-changing benefits.

Improve Cybersecurity

Managed IT consulting companies work closely with wide-ranging businesses to assess the current state of cybersecurity. After a thorough review, our team of security experts provides a detailed analysis of best practices and vulnerabilities. Working with key stakeholders, a strategy can be developed to shore-up security gaps. Determined cybersecurity strategies may include implementing the following.

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Virtual Private Networks for Remote Workforces
  • Enterprise-Level Antivirus Software and Firewalls
  • Enhanced Endpoint Protections such as File Transfer Encryption
  • Secure Data Storage in the Cloud
  • Ongoing Cybersecurity Awareness & Training

According to recent reports, 43 percent of all cyber-attacks target small businesses. The average loss runs approximately $200,000 or $225 per digital file. There’s no reason to suffer a crippling hack when third-party IT experts can help you develop a long-term plan to harden your cyber defenses.

IT Consulting Companies Provide Access to Experts

Consider, for a moment, what makes your operation successful. The list certainly includes hard work, motivation, and intimate knowledge about your unique industry. That’s precisely what experienced IT consulting companies bring to the table.

Just as you concentrate on tasks and projects that raise your company’s productivity and prosperity, we invest our time into knowledge about emerging technologies, trends, and strategies to streamline networks for improved outcomes. These are ways managed IT consulting strategies can deliver an excellent return on investment.

  • More Efficient Technology
  • Reductions in Employee & Network Downtime
  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Software & Innovation

Ranked among the top reasons that businesses of all sizes work with IT consulting companies is the fact that experts deliver high-level benefits that in-house departments cannot. At no fault of their own, technicians spend an inordinate amount of time unraveling glitches and helping employees. Working with a team whose sole priority is IT innovation means you gain access to expertise that keeps you competitive.

Business Continuity

There was a time when savvy small, mid-sized, and large companies touted their disaster and recovery strategies. The underlying idea was that things such as power outages, severe weather impacts, or even a seemingly debilitating data breach could not upend and organization. These plans often included the safe storage of digital assets, secure daily data backups, and zero-risk permissions and controls for employee login profiles, among others.

While experienced IT consulting companies typically work with business leaders to craft determined disaster and recovery policies, cutting edge thinking goes a step further. Secure business continuity must also include “scenario planning.” The fundamental idea behind scenario planning is that companies no longer must only worry about short-term setbacks. Major economic disruption can leave an organization at risk.

“A historically military tool dating back thousands of years, scenario planning imagines a set of ‘what-ifs’ each triggering particular actions,” according to Forbes magazine. “Not only did this scenario planning enable BMC to respond quickly, even proactively, but it maintained investor confidence and gave comfort and a needed morale boost to its employees.”

While scenario planning strategies are usually unique to niche businesses, many include leveraging multiple Cloud services, remote workforce infrastructure, and evaluating alternative supply lines, among others. Concepts such as scenario planning, among others, are the type of thought leadership companies gain by working with experienced IT consulting companies.

At SureTec IT, our team of seasoned professionals provides cost-effective consulting services that deliver qualitative and quantifiable business benefits. Our experienced IT professionals work diligently with industry leaders to proactively ensure network security, improve productivity, and give you a competitive advantage going forward. Contact SureTec IT to schedule an IT consultation today.

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Nick Hess is an authority for IT services in Portland, OR. Nick's team at SureTec IT has helped numerous companies with their day-to-day IT service needs. Nick also has years of experience with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, and business VoIP Services.

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