What Do I Need to Know about the Relationship Between IT Services Specialists and Successful Professional Services Businesses?

For professional services businesses to operate at their most efficient, fully functional IT assets are a necessity.

But it’s not just maintaining an ideal IT working environment facing these types of companies today. Data theft and breaches in security are concerns that weigh heavily on the minds of each business owner. The right technology solutions help professional services business owners to experience fortified security and maintain effective day-to-day operations.


Why Choose SureTec to Manage Your IT?

  • Decreased operational costss
  • Minimized downtime
  • Business continuity
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring & maintenance of IT assets
  • Weekly on-site visits
  • All-inclusive support
  • Improved business performance
  • Business security and compliance
  • Quick help desk support
  • Access to professional IT experts
  • Customer satisfaction

Is Your Data Protected and Accessible for Workflow?

For businesses that deal with sensitive client information, it’s paramount that it be kept confidential. Since data often must be transferred securely from one source to another to continue the proper workflow, the correct security measures must be in place to thwart potential cyber attacks while still ensuring client information accessibility when needed.

SureTec offers their valued Dayton and Portland clients the winning combination of the right technology solutions to support their industry coupled with the IT consulting services they need to achieve the stress-free, dependable, and confidential environment they deserve for their law office, accounting firm, or finance company.

IT Support Services for Law Offices, Accountant Firms, and Finance Companies

As a leading managed IT services provider serving customers in the Dayton and Portland regions, SureTec offers a full array of customized IT support services to connect our clients with their internal team and the people they serve via various digital platforms. Our staff of professional IT technicians has a diverse and specialized background working in a variety of technically challenging IT environments. This breadth of expertise has equipped us to customize the IT assets of our clients in the professional services sector to provide them with an industry-specific IT environment to support their operational objectives and best meet their customers’ needs.

We make it our mission to help our valued clients maximize their IT investment by realizing the potential lying dormant in the technology assets they already own.

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