Leveraging Google Meet

The remote workforce grew by 159 percent from 2005 to 2017, and a recent Gartner study indicates that upwards of 74 percent of CFOs plan to maintain work-from-home positions even after states recover from the economic disruption. All these statistics point to a growing need for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other thought leaders to keep pace with employee flexibility. Google Meet offers one of the simplest IT solutions to enhanced real-time communications with team members who are at home or on the road. These are four crucial things to consider about leveraging Google Meet.

1: What Is Google Meet?

A few years back, Google had the idea that launching a video conferencing service would deliver hefty profits. But the rise in standard real-time communication apps prompted the Alphabet Inc decision-makers to retire its Google Hangouts option. Google Meet largely replaces Hangouts with a live video chat platform that can be now be accessed free of charge by Google-account holders.

2: Why Google Meet Earned Popularity

Meets enjoys user-friendly service options such as mobile apps for standard devices, as well as desktop, Gmail, and Google Calendar synchronicity. While the folks who thought-up Meet had business professionals in mind, it has become a general public darling. Obviously, millions already have a Google account for other reasons. That leaves everyday people, or your employees, with no reason to sign up for another video conferencing service. The platform enjoys seamless compatibility with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

3: How To Use Google Meet?

The great news about Google Meet for employers is that it’s wonderfully straightforward to leverage. This means your workforce does not necessarily need to be technically competent to communicate or attend a workforce meeting on the platform. Your offsite, as well as in-house staff, can initiate, schedule, or join a company- or department-wide team meeting.

To start, users need only to download the app and sign in with a Google account. These are things Google Meet users may find helpful.

  • Create A Meet: In Gmail, open your inbox and click “start a meeting” in the Google Meet space. In Android or iOS, the tab will read “New Meeting.”
  • Join A Meet: Click “join a meeting,” located in the same space.
  • Security: Google Meet will require you to enter a 10-digit ID code and then click “join meeting.”

Google makes the Meet option so simple, just about anyone with Gmail or a cell phone can communicate from anywhere in real-time

4: Remote IT Infrastructure Now Industry Standard

The statistical and anecdotal data points to today’s employees place a high value on work-from-anywhere positions. A 2016 Forbes piece on employee demographics written as work-from-home options began to trend, indicates that 66 percent of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers prefer this type of flexibility. Upwards of 64 percent of Millennials — who now dominate the workforce — reportedly feel the same way. Compounding the need for remote IT infrastructure, “82 percent of respondents say they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options,” Forbes states.

Leveraging this type of communication no longer ranks among next-generation innovation. Google Meet and other remote IT infrastructure are business necessities if your plan to keep pace with competitors. These are powerful reasons to reach out to a third-party managed IT expert and leverage platforms such as Google Meet.

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