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Selecting a technology support company for your business is a big decision, making it vital that you have the time you need to fully evaluate the partnership before you go all-in. Contracts can be a bit nebulous, especially when you’re working with a new IT services firm. What originally sounded good at the contract phase may look radically different during your first few months of service. If you’re locked into a long-term contract, there’s little you can do other than make the best of a bad situation and probably end up spending a great deal more on IT services than you originally expected — or were led to believe by the sales team. Fortunately, there are some IT support professionals that not only offer a 30-day free trial but also provide you with an unconditional money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied.

Pricing Models for IT Managed Services In Dayton, OH

While each technology company is unique in its exact offerings, there are two primary models available in the industry: per-user pricing (which generally includes a set number of devices or unlimited devices per user) and the per-device model. With a per-user model, you’ll want to be cautious that the devices these individuals utilize will all be covered. For instance, some per-user pricing covers only laptops and desktops and not their Android or Apple iPads that are used on a regular basis for business. You would need to have separate service agreements in place to handle upgrades and other technical challenges with those devices. Quantify the devices that your teams use before you look for a new IT services partner and be sure to ask plenty of questions of your potential services provider during the negotiations phase and before signing a contract.

Pricing may be clearer and easier to understand with a per-device model. Many IT managed services providers will charge a set rate based on each device that is covered so there is no guesswork involved. This allows you to count the devices and be confident that you’re not going to incur additional charges if you’ve overlooked one — or many — devices in your audit of current office and warehouse device usage. There is also a range of other models that could be a blending of the two options or even a lump-sum monthly amount that is quoted to you from your services provider. Be particularly wary of this type of contract, as it may be more limiting than it appears at face value.

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Support Included with IT Services Contracts

Do you need an organization to completely take over your infrastructure support or are you looking for secondary support for people outside the radius of your office building? Perhaps you have several support staff onsite, but they often become overwhelmed with requests and are finding it difficult to focus on the future and being strategic with technology. Each of these scenarios represents a need for additional support with some of the high-touch interactions that can drain time away from internal staff. IT services support contract often include providing these primary functions for your business:

  • Unlimited Help Desk support for user questions, including restoring lost files and resetting passwords
  • Applying patches and maintaining active control of antivirus and anti-malware software
  • Onsite and/or remote emergency support in the event of a disaster, cybersecurity incident or other events that halt the flow of business
  • Audit of current IT practices, with recommendations for adding security levels and improving operations in the future
  • Active backup that is a combination of local and remote, as well as system recovery procedures
  • Management of 3rd party technology, such as Microsoft Office, Azure Cloud solutions and more

How Much Does Managed IT Services In Dayton, OH Cost?

The very best IT services providers in Dayton offer all of these solutions plus guarantee their work with an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. When you pair this with a 30-day free trial of their services, it’s easy to see why Dayton, OH businesses continue to choose SureTec IT as their business solutions provider.

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