Is Your Manufacturing Business Leveraging Industry-Leading Technology Solutions?

Today’s manufacturing companies face a number of complex challenges. With complex supply chains, increased labor costs, and local and off-shore competition, manufacturing companies have to be certain that every dollar invested in their technology will reap a reward for their business.

That’s why lost revenue and productivity due to unexpected downtime is so painful for manufacturing firms. Frequent downtime causes delays that, over time, can result in significant damage to any business’ reputation.

To remain competitive in the manufacturing industry today, it is critical for Dayton and Portland businesses to have an IT environment that is secure and that is optimized to support the work they do. The right technology has the ability to enhance plant operations and reduce operational expenses for manufacturing companies.


SureTec has the experience to help manufacturing businesses make the most of their IT investment. With qualified IT specialists equipped with knowledge of the manufacturing industry, we have the skills to help our clients leverage the potential in the IT assets they already own and the ones they acquire to realize their ideal IT working environment.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services from SureTec offer Dayton and Portland businesses an alternative to hiring an in-house IT specialist. This model is based on total IT care that is fully outsourced to help our clients receive the support they need at only a fraction of the cost of employing another full-time employee.

Best of all, Managed IT Services from SureTec can be procured for a flat-rate, monthly fee that is budget-friendly. There is no minimum time commitment required, giving Dayton and Portland businesses the opportunity to scale their services at their own choosing. This set of holistic IT services is all-inclusive and hinges upon the axis of continuous monitoring, management, and maintenance to provide network stability and security.

Our services focus on implementing proactive strategies to stop potential problems before they happen. This approach eliminates costly and unexpected repair bills and allows companies the luxury of a predictable, monthly fee which encompasses all of their IT needs in one lump bundle.

What Manufacturing Software Does SureTec Support?

Our technicians are familiar with the software and ERP solutions commonly used by manufacturing firms, such as Epicor, PeachTree, and QuickBooks. We also have experience with SCADA systems.

What Can Managed IT Services Do for My Manufacturing Business?

Manufacturing floor technology is becoming more integrated and complex each year. This systematic cohesiveness helps streamline each part of the manufacturing process from automation and inventory to raw materials management and overall operational monitoring.

To stay on top of the latest innovations for the manufacturing business, companies need a team like SureTec on their side. We have the skills to help Dayton and Portland manufacturing businesses leverage dependable technology solutions to provide them with the ideal IT working environment.

Why Choose SureTec?

  • Improved business growth, profitability, and efficiency
  • Increased knowledge base to increase manufacturing capabilities
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring & maintenance
  • Quick response time to help desk calls
  • Maximized uptime (up to 99%)
  • Security and compliance expertise
  • Predictable and affordable IT costs
  • Businesses support processes for both equipment and hardware

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