Microsoft Bookings Makes Scheduling Easier

Quite a few different businesses have to include scheduling in their normal operations. If that sounds like your business, you’ve probably realized just how hectic the scheduling process can be. Fortunately, making appointments at a law firm, auto shop, hair salon or anything else is easier than ever if you use Microsoft Bookings. This handy app can change the very way you think about scheduling. Learn all about scheduling made easy with Microsoft Bookings technology.

How It Works

Microsoft Bookings has three primary components you can take advantage of. First, you’ll find an online bookings page that can either be stand-alone or embedded with your existing site. Second, the app includes an online back end that you can access to manage appointments and make other changes to the page regarding pricing and services. It even allows you to record customer preferences. Finally, there’s a mobile app that lets you manage the entire process remotely from your phone.

To make the most of this system, all you have to do is go through the configuration process. That includes providing basic information to the program like your business’s information and scheduling policies. Once that’s set, you can publish your booking page, and customers and staff can both make appointments on their own in accordance with the guidelines you’ve laid out. No appointments will overlap, and available appointment times can be found in an instant.

Enhanced Communication

When you use Microsoft Bookings, you make it easier for customers and clients to interact with your business. Since the booking page is up all the time, people will be able to make appointments 24/7 without having to worry about your business’s open hours. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about playing phone tag with clients. They’re always free to access your site, but if they prefer calling in, your staff can schedule the appointment just as easily with a single call.

Increased Efficiency

With Microsoft Bookings, your entire scheduling process is far more efficient, which will make your business as a whole more efficient. Not only can clients make appointments on their own, but they can also cancel and reschedule appointments. You’re even free to set how far in advance customers must reschedule or cancel to ease the burden on your business. With that kind of convenience, you won’t have to worry about no-shows as often. Plus, Microsoft Bookings also lets you send reminders to customers.

Implement Microsoft Bookings With Managed IT Services

If you’re looking to overhaul your scheduling system with Microsoft Bookings, managed IT services can take care of the entire process for you. If you live in the Portland, Oregon, or Dayton, Ohio, areas, SureTec is happy to help. Our industry-leading solutions can revolutionize your scheduling system as well as every other bit of information technology your business needs.

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