Does Outdated Technology Play a Role in Construction Projects Taking Too Long and Going Over Budget?

The construction industry is the least digitized industry so far, despite the fact that many innovative technologies are available to help workers complete projects quicker and more efficiently. Research shows large projects typically take 20% longer than expected to complete – often going 80% over budget. Does outdated technology play a role in this? It’s very likely. After all, 35% of workers state that over 14 hours per week is spent on non-productive activities, such as searching for information, dealing with mistakes, and doing work over again.

Nothing Slows Workers Down As Much as Outdated Technology and Manual, Paper-Based Processes…

Construction companies have no shortage of data, but many of them still use manual, paper-based processes to work with the information they have. This, in turn, slows workers down significantly. Many systems commonly used aren’t integrated with other applications, and oftentimes, they don’t offer the customization needed to truly meet the requirements of modern workers. So what are the risks of outdated technology in the construction industry?

  1. More crashes and/or unexpected downtime
    Outdated technology tends to lag, crash, and fail more often than newer technology. In many cases, it’s more expensive to repair a failed computer or server that’s older as well. When technology lags or crashes, your workers are unable to access the information they need to finish projects.
  2. Higher cost to maintain and support
    Unfortunately, outdated technology is expensive to maintain and support. In fact, it costs almost double to repair a system that’s more than 4 years old compared to newer systems. This means you’re spending valuable dollars on simply keeping your technology running whereas those dollars could be put towards more revenue-building initiatives.
  3. Lack of accessibility on the job site
    Outdated technology doesn’t typically integrate well with newer, cloud-based remote access solutions that give your team members anytime, anywhere access to important applications and information, such as BIMs or blueprints. This means they have less accessibility on the job site – leaving them stuck calling in for information rather than working productively.
  4. Greater vulnerabilities leading to data disclosure
    Construction firms tend to hold a lot of valuable client information and intellectual property. In fact, cybercriminals know you’re holding a ton of sensitive data and they tend to target construction firms because of this. Outdated technology has a significantly higher amount of vulnerabilities because it’s often unsupported – meaning there are no security patches.

Most Importantly, Outdated Technology Means Less Thorough and Timely Insight Into Your Operations…

This ends up costing you a ton of money in the long-run as you’re unable to obtain and evaluate important information to avoid pitfalls. For instance, there are many modern solutions available to handle materials purchasing, accounts payable processes, and other important tasks – enabling you to gain a true understanding of when and where money is made or spent to increase operational efficiency. If you’re stuck using outdated technology, you’re missing out on a myriad of opportunities available through technological innovation.

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