Here Are A Few Signs That It Is Time To Switch Portland IT Companies

It’s easy to stick with the status quo when it comes to your IT company. Why? Because similar to any relationship in life, you start to get comfortable. Often times, business owners don’t even notice the lack of effort coming from the partners they work with until it’s too late. When it comes to your information technology partner, this is typically when:

  • Malware infections start happening on a regular basis
  • Data backups can’t be recovered when you need them the most
  • Support requests go ignored when an emergency happens
  • Equipment starts becoming faulty due to age and/or lack of maintenance

Naturally, you want to avoid getting to the point where it’s too late. So how do you know it’s time to switch IT companies? There’s a few HUGE signs to look for:

1. They send your calls to an overseas, third-party company that doesn’t know you, your company or your information technology infrastructure.

2. They don’t communicate with you about strategy and/or upcoming advancements that could help you operate more efficiently or save money.

3. They haven’t talked to you about verifying or testing your data backups because chances are, they’re not verifying and testing them on a regular basis.

4. They tend to charge hidden fees for every little thing they’re doing even though you thought you were on a fully managed, flat-rate monthly plan.

5. They expect you to work with your vendors (software, email, etc.) on issues and it becomes a hassle getting any support because it’s “not covered in the contract.”

If you’re feeling like it’s time to change IT companies, chances are, you’re absolutely correct. This is particularly true if you’re lacking communication. The world of information technology is evolving at a rapid rate and there’s always tools and technologies out there to solve your organizational challenges. If they’re not talking to you about what’s available to save you time and money, they’re not acting as a true technology partner.

What Should You Do When You Know It’s Time to Switch Portland IT Companies?

First and foremost, start shopping around for another technology partner. This is typically the hard part as there are many options throughout the area. So what should you look for? Here’s a few important factors:

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