Hiring The Right Portland IT Company

In today’s day and age, more and more businesses are considering outsourcing their IT service and support to a professional provider. There’s no denying that hiring an IT service provider is a great idea. However, before you take the plunge and hire a professional IT company in Portland, you should have a clear understanding of why partnering with a team of IT experts is such a great idea.

Partnering with a Strategic Portland IT Provider: What’s in It for You?

Understanding the benefits of hiring an experienced and reliable IT company in Portland

Chances are business professionals in most industries would agree: technology has completely changed the way businesses get work done and better serve clients. Not to mention that tech innovation for business shows no signs of slowing down or stopping. Business leaders today are looking to do more with technology than ever before.

However, as business tech gets more and more innovative, business leaders are quickly realizing that enlisting back up from professional IT experts is critical. Outsourcing IT service and support involve investing in an external team of professionals to streamline and optimize your company’s IT resources. Outsourcing business IT service to professionals is becoming a more important consideration for business leaders in all industries.

Even more important? Making sure you pick the right IT provider to invest in. A good way to sift through your different options is to know what kind of benefits a provider will offer. That’s why we’ve created a quick guide to help you understand the specific benefits a strategic Portland IT company will offer your business.

The Top Five Reasons You Should Hire a Portland IT Company

The benefits of working with the right IT company can really have endless positive impacts on your business – some of which you might not even consider! To help you in your search for the right Portland IT company, we’ve summed up the biggest benefits you should expect below.

Here are the top five benefits of hiring the right Portland IT provider:

Access to Experience + Expertise

  • When you partner with an IT provider, the whole point is that you get to tap into the experience and expertise of trained and certified IT professionals. This means that your business gets connected with enterprise-level IT support without having to pay a salary to an in-house IT professional. You get the best and the brightest in the industry without the price-tag that comes with it.
  • As you compare IT companies in Portland, make sure you inquire about their experience and expertise. You want to choose a provider who has a team of professionals with up-to-date certifications. You should inquire about their areas of specialization and have them explain their experience and expertise to you in clear terms. Above all, you’re looking for a provider who can readily solve your technical issues and offer you sound advice and strategic consultation whenever you need it.

Cost Reduction + Increased Efficiency

  • Let’s face it – every business organization is looking to save money whenever they can and however they can. Because of this, many business professionals are hesitant to invest in an outsourced IT provider because they’re convinced it will have a negative impact on their bottom-line. But the reality is, an investment in outsourced IT support can actually save your business money in the long-run. Hear us out.
  • Yes, there is no denying that when you invest in an IT company, you’ll be paying a monthly cost for the professional services they offer. However, there are two important things to remember. The first is that managed services pricing packages are often a lot more reasonable than you might think. Don’t settle for anything less than a provider who offers flexible and affordable managed IT service pricing packages.
  • Second, don’t forget to factor in the savings that will come along with having a team of IT professionals in your corner. When you have a team of professionals working to optimize your network you’ll see a jump in efficiency that translates into long-term cost reduction. It’s simple: you and your team stay focused on mission-critical business while your outsourced team of IT professionals makes sure your infrastructure is positioned for minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Risk Reduction + Stronger Network Security

  • The horror stories about business data breaches and cyber attacks are getting more and more difficult to avoid. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated than ever before and businesses are increasingly becoming the ideal targets for hacks and attacks of all kinds. In order to keep your business and customer data safe and secure, you need a proactive IT security strategy that is designed to mitigate threats before they occur.
  • The right Portland IT company will be skilled in professional IT security for business. They’ll be able to develop a dynamic IT security plan that is designed to support your unique business network infrastructure. Their plan will not only include strategies for mitigating and preventing threats, but will also include a wealth of strategies for effectively responding to cyber disasters when they occur. This should include dynamic response strategies and a collection of policies and procedures for rebounding quickly and protecting business continuity.

Anytime, Anywhere Support

  • The whole point of partnering with a team of IT professionals is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a connection to support – anywhere, anytime. Businesses don’t want to partner with a provider that is unresponsive or unreliable. Every business deserves enterprise-level, 24/7 IT support – including monitoring, maintenance and helpdesk support.
  • Make sure you choose a Portland IT company that is committed to responsive and reliable support – whenever you need it. This means that you should always be able to get a member of your support team on the phone. Even more important? Your support team should be willing to get professionals on-site when and where you need them – after all, that’s the best part about working with a local IT provider.

Long-Term Strategy

  • Finally, a huge benefit of investing in an IT company is all about positioning your business for long-term growth. The great part about optimizing your organization’s IT infrastructure with a professional provider is that they can help you develop a strategy for long-term scalability.
  • This means working to position your company technology for optimal growth over the long term. The right Portland IT company won’t only be focused on fixing immediate problems and offering short-term support. They’ll be ready and willing to work with you to meet organizational objectives over the long-term with evidence-based IT optimization and scalability strategies.

Why SureTec is the Best Portland IT Company for Your Business

Now that you have an idea of what kind of benefits you should get from your investment in a Portland IT company, you’re in a much better position to compare different providers and find the right fit. Whatever you do, make sure to go into your search with a plan and a clear idea of the kind of Portland IT service and support you’re looking for. You can use the benefits listed above as a guide.

At SureTec – we pride ourselves in being the premier Portland IT company that local businesses can trust. We believe in providing all the benefits listed in this guide and surpassing each client’s expectations. From the outset, we’re committed to developing a true partnership with every client that prioritizes customer service and unparalleled support.

Here are the top client service values that we prioritize at SureTec:

  • Clear communication – Our team will communicate with you openly and honestly and in a language you can understand. We make sure you leave every consultation with no unanswered questions or confusion.
  • Above-and-beyond approach – We’re committed to going above-and-beyond for every client we work with – not only when trying to understand the needs of your business, but also when explaining how our team will meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Customization & flexibility – We will never force a service package on you that doesn’t suit your needs. We’re always willing to customize our services to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Reliable proactivity – We promise to always remain one step ahead of the game. As soon as you explain your needs to us, we’ll be ready and waiting with proactive solutions.
  • Responsive and constructive support – We will always make it clear to you that your organizational success is our priority. We’re always just a phone call away and we can get boots on the ground quickly if and when they’re needed.

If your organization is ready to partner with a reliable and service-focused IT company in Portland, we welcome you to reach out to the team of experts at SureTec Business Technology Assurance.

Our team has over ten years of experience offering providing reliable IT services for Portland businesses. We are more than happy to consult with you anytime are we’re committed to developing a custom-tailored IT plan for your business. Reach our team anytime at (503) 389-8015.

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Nick Hess is an authority for IT services in Portland, OR. Nick's team at SureTec IT has helped numerous companies with their day-to-day IT service needs. Nick also has years of experience with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, and business VoIP Services.

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